You don’t have to be single to cast meaningful love spells. In fact, many love spells benefit loving relationships because they inspire the growth of more loving energies. One way to feed your relationship or marriage with loving energy is to make and “feed” your own Lover’s Box. The following post will attempt to get you on your way to nurturing the romance in your life with a box of loving energy.

Choose your box
A Lover’s Box can be any size, depending on how much you want to put in it. Make your decision based on the types of items you’d like to include in the box. For example, a sturdy cardboard hatbox is a perfect choice that also doesn’t attract a lot of unnecessary attention on its own. You can decorate your box if you want, but it’s not really necessary.

Find the right spot
The ideal place for a Lover’s Box is somewhere central to where you spend most of your happiest and loving moments with your significant other — without it being a focal point or “conversation piece.” You don’t want to attract too much attention to this box, because you don’t want anybody but yourself to open it and touch its contents. Finding a way to incorporate it in to your home decor is important for this reason. Furthermore, you want the box somewhere you can conveniently access it, as you may be “feeding” it frequently.

“Feeding” the box
What are items that you associate most happily with your relationship, love and romance? To “feed” your Lover’s Box, you will want to fill it with these items, which may include photographs, jewelry or other small tokens of love. You can even line the inside of the box with sigils and words of power dedicated to your partner, enhancing its energy as you “feed” it with positive mementos. You may also fill this box with items that have been charged as love spells (such as sweet jars, poppets and other spell items associated with love).

You may also choose to meditate and focus energy to your Lover’s Box, in addition to storing all of your happiest memories within it. There really is no set way to feed and maintain your Lover’s Box, as long as you keep the contents full of love and joyous energy. 

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