As noted previously, focus is important to fuel any intent you may have while casting a spell. That’s why it’s necessary to develop a strong ability to focus, and hone it frequently. The following is a set of suggestions to help get you started on your own meditation routine. A meditation routine keeps your mind and body sharp enough to focus and visualize your intent for a variety of spells. It’s also just all around good for relaxation.

Timing is everything
Most of us are busy people, so it’s hard to schedule time to meditate and declutter our minds of what keeps us from focusing. Nonetheless, it’s important to set aside some time at least once a week to keep yourself grounded and familiar with your own mind and your own emotions. Even five minutes a week is better than nothing at all! Some people may argue that you should meditate at the same exact time, consistently, every time. But realistically, that’s just not possible for everyone. Just do your best.

Sacred specifics
Just like you should schedule time at least once a week, you should also set aside certain items that you’d only want to use during this important time. Choose a signature tea blend, incense, candle and music that you only associate with your weekly (or even daily) meditations. Keeping these favorites separate from your every day use keeps your meditation a consistent event. When I meditate, I listen to the sounds of thunderstorms and other rain patterns. I burn dried lavender in my cauldron and I illuminate the room with only a single flame (whether it be from a tealight, votive or jar candle depends on what I have on hand).

Peace and quiet
It really should go without saying that you need peace and quiet to be able to meditate properly. That’s especially true when you’re setting up a meditation routine to improve your ability to focus. Televisions, computers, loud electronics, voices — all is noise pollution that will only distract you. If you need to download white noise sounds to help drown out the sounds of your environment, that’s probably a good idea! Otherwise, a quiet, locked room is really all you need. Make sure the people around you are aware that you need your privacy for meditation, so that they won’t disturb you. If you can’t make that kind of arrangement, schedule your routine for when others in the home are asleep or gone. Alternatively, you can set up your own meditation area somewhere outside the home that stays undisturbed by others (i.e. a shady spot in your yard under your favorite tree!).

Sure it seems nice to look like an Instagram model every time you meditate, but really you should strive to be as comfortable as possible. Comfortable, breathable clothing is best. Any discomfort could hinder your meditative goals. Some choose to meditate naked, and if you have the ability to do so, then go for it. Otherwise, just standard comfy clothing is fine.

In order to focus on your intent, you need to be able to visualize it. Magic isn’t about stating intent and just wishing over and over that your wishes will be granted. Instead, you announce your intent and you visualize exactly what it is you’re wanting to achieve. From there, you must focus on this visualization, and direct your energy through this focus, in order to manifest. That is why visualization is extremely important in a meditation routine. It is through meditative visualization that you are able to develop and perfect your focus.


Example visualization exercise: 
Get yourself comfortable and prepared for your routine meditation (have your tea, light your candles, get the atmosphere and yourself ready). Once you have prepared for meditation, and are in the most comfortable position, choose a single simple item to visualize in your mind. The simpler the better, if you’re a beginner! In this example, you could use a single fruit — an apple, orange or what-have-you.

As a beginner, you should really only pick one item to visualize, and then in your mind (with your mind’s eye) take note of every single detail of this item. The key is to visualize the fruit (or whatever you choose) perfectly as it is in reality, but in your meditation. Next, you need to hold this focus for as long as possible — which is a lot harder than it sounds. The more experienced you get, the more you will be able to visualize complex items and scenes.


Keep it consistent
Don’t abandon your meditation routine if it doesn’t seem to work out at first. Like most things that require practice, meditation and visualization are more than worth the struggle. If you follow some kind of meditation routine, your ability to focus on your visualized intent will certainly improve.

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