In witchcraft, it’s all too common to make use of organic materials (like herbs and bones), but metals (precious and otherwise) also have magical applications. The following post will attempt to outline some of the more common metals and their magical associations.

It doesn’t seem like much, but the very same metal used to make soda cans also has a few specific magical uses. It can be worn in as a base metal for jewelry to ward off loneliness, attract honesty from romantic partners or reflect negative intent from others.

It’s not ideal for jewelry (since many people have skin reactions to it), but when used in spells nickel is excellent for problem-solving. Use nickel to obtain knowledge about problems you’re facing and to give motivation to change situations.

A wonderful grounding material, iron is ideal for spells regarding astral projection,  meditation and spirit work. Iron is great when working with earth element magic, and can be used to symbolize an unbreakable will.

A precious and expensive metal, gold is ideal in spells regarding wealth, prosperity and abundance. It can also be used in spells pertaining to improving one’s health or pursuing success in any area of life.

A neutral metal, silver conducts energy but releases it quickly. This means it makes an ideal charm for both attracting and producing the energy of your intent. Silver is a powerful magical metal because of this versatility and radiant energy.

Can you think of other metals and their magical uses? Sound off in the comments section!

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