The next new moon lands on October 9th, and during this time it will enter the sign of Libra. This timing will give you the opportunity to cast spells regarding “starting over” in multiple areas in your life. The following post will outline some of the spells you can cast during October’s new moon and its position in Libra.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is a love archetype in that it represents sexual desire, romance and beauty. With the new moon representing starting-anew, this is an excellent time to cast spells for attracting new romantic prospects. If you’re not single and you still want to take advantage of the new moon’s placement in October, you can also cast spells for rejuvenating your relationship or even marking a chapter you’d like to close or open in your relationship or marriage. A “starting over” spell for a troubled marriage may also be beneficial during the new moon in Libra.

Libra is a sign of balance, and thus a new moon in this placement provides you with the opportunity to seek harmony and peace. Cast spells that attract balance in your home environment and within your family. You can also perform self-love rituals to ground yourself and, therefore, experience harmony. To be honest, any new moon is a good time for self love and reflection.

Letting go
If you’ve been troubled by a situation, or even a person, the new moon in Libra is a wonderful time to cast spells regarding “letting go” of said baggage. Similarly, it’s also a good time to confront any situations head-on that you’ve been otherwise nervous about. If you’re finding your current social situation to be stale or close to nonexistent, you may need to “start over” by getting yourself out there and doing some friendship-centered magic.

October’s new moon is an excellent time to focus energy on switching jobs or careers. As the moon begins its waxing cycle you can focus on drawing/growing the positive energies associated with starting your new path in life.

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