It’s common to see spells for sale on various platforms — even on Facebook’s marketplace and on sites like Etsy. You can find advertisements for spell-casting services in the backs of tabloid magazines, in newspapers and on bulletin boards throughout many cities. It’s clear to see that professional spell-casting is a popularly sought-after service, but should you really pay for such a thing? The following post aims to discuss the ins and outs of paying for someone to cast spells.

Find the right witch
There are literally hundreds of witches out there offering their spell-casting services, and they range from very experienced to completely inexperienced. Some are popular and some are…not. The best advice I can give is to research, research and research. On sites like Etsy, professional spell-casters have reviews, so that’s a good place to start. A well-reviewed witch may be a good choice for someone who has never sough professional services of this nature.

Know what you want
While some professional spell-casters are okay with guiding you through the process, they’re not therapists and they are also not mind readers. You should know exactly what you want to happen (attract a new lover, hex someone who’s done you wrong, etc.) by the time you’ve chosen the right person to cast the spell for you.

Ask for proof!
Anyone can take money for casting a spell, and anyone can pretend to be anything they want on the internet. So if you’re paying for a spell to be cast, you should request that there be proof of the spell being cast. The best way to obtain proof is to ask for photos of the spell while it is cast. Some professional witches cast their spells on webcam for the client to view in real time.

Be prepared to do your part
While some witches claim to be so powerful that they can cast spells without any participation, you should always be prepared to get your hands dirty. You might be asked to meditate and focus while your spell is being cast. You may be asked to light candles and even participate in your own way in casting a spell. Some spell casters may even send you your own kit beforehand, which you may be required to use on the day of the casting. Every witch varies in this aspect, but it’s always good to be prepared.

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