When you feel like negative energy is entering your space, there is a number of things you can do. You can smudge with a smoking stick of white sage — or any other blend of medicinal herbs — or you can light candles, charge crystals and try to raise your vibrational energy. Another fun and beneficial thing you can do to ward off negativity is to raise and nurture a new plant in your home — one that harnesses the energies of your intent!

What you need:
Seeds or plant start
Standard gardening supplies, including flower pot or other container
Assorted crystals
Sheet of paper

Select a plant that will thrive in an indoor environment, making sure to pay attention to your own growing zone. Even indoor plants have different needs depending on the climate. For warding off negativity, you really can’t go wrong with a potted sage plant. However, you can get specific with your needs and select a plant based on that. For example, if you’re wanting to ward off negativity pertaining to romance, you can plant and nurture an orchid — which is delicate, but enduring if well cared-for in the home. Other plants that symbolize protection include the peace lily and fennel.

Plant and arrange your plant (or seed if you’re patient) in the area in your home that gets the most attention. This could be a spot right by your entrance, or in a prominent corner of your living/family room. You want to also make sure this is an area that will get any sunlight that your plant of choice may require. Otherwise, choose a plant that thrives without much light!

“Grow, grow
Seed I sow
Stretch your stems and spread your roots”

Turn your periodical waterings into a ritual. Use fresh, clean water — perhaps that has been charged by moonlight if that’s something you’re into. Recite any words of power that you feel compelled to chant while focusing on what it is you’re wanting to bring into your home — which is positivity, happiness and harmony.

Draw out a sigil that is personal to you and the intent that you’re wishing to manifest — in particular the protection of positive energy in your home. Stuff that drawn sigil (after you meditate on it) into the soil of your plant, and arrange your choice of crystals atop the soil where it is placed. Of course, these are optional steps, and may not even be necessary to every witch.

Talk to your plant. Play music for the plant. The key here is to feed the plant with all the high vibrational energy that you’re wanting to attract for yourself. As you feed this plant with high vibes and positivity, continue any affirmations that your home is a place of positivity and love.

“My home is safe
My heart is light”

Even the most simplistic of mantras are useful and aid in focusing on the intent of any spell work. That includes even something as simple as keeping a houseplant alive for the purposes of protection magic.  What ways do you ward off negativity in your home? Sound off in the comments!

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