Revenge spells may seem a bit “taboo” in some pagan circles, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes they’re necessary. Every person has their breaking point when it comes to being bullied or done wrong, and witches are no different in this respect. At least when you’re a witch, your revenge can be indirect through magic. The following list includes some of the plants you could use in your revenge spell endeavors.

This is a poisonous plant, that can be harmful if handled improperly or ingested. That’s why it’s a good plant for cursing and casting revenge spells (like most toxic plants and materials). Indigo in particular represents the dual nature of life and death. While it can be used medicinally to treat seizures and ovarian cysts, it can be also be used to do harm. In banishing magic, Indigo flowers are used to add a little “kick in the pants,” of your intended target.

In hexing and revenge spells, an indigo flower can be burned while visualizing the opposite of its healing qualities. Stomach pain and psychological upset can be inspired magically with this plant, worse.

Wormwood is another toxic plant with historical use in revenge spells and curses. This plant is ruled by the fire element, making it one to use in revenge spells where emotions are running very hot. When it comes to cursing, wormwood can be used to specifically attack romantic relationships, fertility and pregnancy, and physical health. It’s particularly useful in “return to sender” revenge spells.

Holly isn’t just for the winter holidays. This spiky, hard-to-touch plant is ideal for hexing and revenge spells. The little spines on its leaves are sharp enough to draw blood, and the berries are toxic enough to cause stomach upset (though you should absolutely never ingest or feed them to anybody!) In spells, all of these attributes lead to the energies which carry your intent. Add holly to your altar or circle to cast any type of revenge spell.

While this plant is usually applied to love magic and prosperity spells, it also has a very dark side. Mandrake is incredibly poisonous, making it an excellent “symbolic” ingredient to any hex or revenge spell. Since this plant is used to attract love and money, this can be reversed while working a curse. It can be added to a spell intended to break up a couple, or it can be used in hexes focusing on the finances of a target. Mandrake symbolically “poisons” those who seek out to cause you harm, making it a great ingredient in any revenge spell.

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