Botanical ingredients are some of the most important supplies a witch can keep on-hand for spell-casting — and there is definitely more than one plant for every use. The following post will highlight some of the best plants you can use for casting love spells, or for boosting any of your love magic applications.

Baby’s Breath
This flower is popular in bouquets because it’s a pretty filler that doesn’t draw attention from the other blooms. However, it also has uses in witchcraft — love magic, to be precise. It symbolizes pure and everlasting love, which is another reason it can be found in so many bouquet types. It’s element is water, and is ruled by Venus — if you believe in all of that.

Use dried baby’s breath blossoms in magical sachets or incense blends. The powder can be used in love spells and enchantments as well.

This highly fragrant flower comes in a variety of colors, but most popularly in shades of deep red and pink. The flowers are often used to make a tart and cranberry-like drink, and has been used in other culinary applications. Traditionally, hibiscus is worn behind the ear of single Hawaiian women to show they are available for a suitor. In traditional witchcraft, it symbolizes passionate love and attraction.

Use hibiscus as an incense, or drink a tea of the blossoms to incorporate into your magical routine for finding love.

Bay Laurel
Bay is an evergreen shrub that produces deliciously aromatic leaves (which are used as a seasoning!). In witchcraft, this plant represents a number of ideas, which is why it’s such a versatile spell ingredient. It’s used in money magic, revenge spells and banishing as well as some love and sex magic. In love magic, the bay laurel is a masculine plant under the element of fire. This means that any spell cast with this botanical will be one of passion and strong emotions.

Write a wish on the backside of a bay leaf and then burn it to release your intent into the atmosphere!

It’s more than a delicious culinary spice. Saffron is a valuable aphrodisiac and magical ingredient. It represents rarity, royalty and power — which may have something to do with the historically low availability of it as a spice.

Saffron is good for use in love magic because of its status as an aphrodisiac. However, it’s most potent when used in love spells that involve domination and the so-called manipulation of others’ free will.

Mint is another aphrodisiac, much like saffron.

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