The year 2020 is going to be wild, and it’s all going to hit critical mass in November of that year. Of course, we can all assume this without the aid of divination, so I went ahead and decided to leave some early predictions here. I used Donald Trump’s natal chart and progressed it, and supplemented my interpretations with the help of tarot cards and an amethyst pendulum. If my interpretations are even remotely accurate, then we could all be soon to face the most interesting events of our lifetimes.

Donald Trump’s failing health

Progressed to November 3, 2020, Donald Trump’s natal chart implies that he could experience quite serious health concerns. In particular, there could be nervous system disruptions in the near future, along with increased mental deterioration. By November 3, 2020, Donald Trump’s health may be too poor for him to lead — even if he is reelected. He may also undergo a gallbladder surgery or another procedure related to the functionality of his internal organs.

Secrets revealed

Whether as the result of an investigation or through the dirty politics of pre-election campaigning, more than one shocking secret will rock Americans upon its revelation. These will be secrets surrounding Donald Trump’s shady doings and the involvement of political figures on which he has career-ending dirt. One or more of these figures may be democrats whose careers would suffer greatly if their identities are tied to involvement with #45.

Trump allies under pressure

There will be an increase of republican figures put under intense scrutiny for supporting Donald Trump’s border wall, Muslim travel ban and other extreme political agendas. The political season of November 2020 will bring attention to these particular figures, and in a negative light. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, in particular, will be directly impacted by this pressure. It is likely that secrets about Graham may come to public attention through released documents pertaining to Donald Trump.

Americans’ trust will remain deeply damaged

Regardless of any election night turnout, Americans will feel deceived by the political system by an overwhelming majority. Damage done by Donald Trump’s inability to lead along with general divisiveness between voters, will remain deep and seemingly irreparable. Revelations made over the course of the year leading up to election night will contribute as much to this as Trump’s presidency.

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