It’d be great if we could always ignore anybody who does us wrong, or who picks on us. But sometimes you can only take so much. That’s where magic comes in to the picture. The following is a quick poppet banishing spell, making use of materials that you may find around your home.

What you need:
Pencil or pen
Sheet of paper
Cauldron or burn-safe container
Tealight candle
Draw out a human-like shape on a sheet of paper. It doesn’t matter what color or type of paper you use, as long as it is easy-to-burn. You can choose colored papers to associate with your intent (black being a good choice for a banishing spell). The point of this spell is to improvise with materials you find around your home, so it’s important to avoid stressing out about colors and textures.
Cut the human shape out of the sheet of paper, carefully, using the scissors. Take your time while doing this, studying the face and body of the paper person. While you do this, focus on visualizing the features of your target over the face of your paper cut-out. This will help in guiding your spell more effectively.
Use the pen to write your target’s name across the face of the paper shape. If you want to be extra, and have access to a printer, you could opt for printing out a small photo of your target and affixing it to your paper person cutout.
Write your intent across the body of your poppet until there is no space left to write. You can write keywords such as “gone,” “disappeared,” “moving away,” and really any set of words that stress the intent of your spell.
Light your tealight candle. The color you choose is up to you, but black is an ideal color for a banishing spell. Nonetheless, it’s certainly okay to use any kind of tealight when you’re trying to perform a spell in a pinch.
Grasp one end of your poppet carefully, holding the free end over the flame of your candle. While you concentrate on your intent, and your target, allow it to catch on fire. Now would be the time to recite any of your preferred chants or words of power, or you can simply remain silent while you focus your intent. As far as chants go, pretty much anything that expresses your desire is good. This is a banishing spell, so you want your target to go away. 

Go away, go away
You are not welcome, you cannot stay
Do not come back. Just stay away!

Drop the burning poppet into your cauldron or burn-safe receptacle. Allow the paper doll to burn until there is nothing left but ashes. Dump the ashes into another container that is travel-safe, or take your cauldron with you somewhere to dispose of the ashes. Do this somewhere where the wind can carry the ashes away. Your own property is fine as long as you’re confident that the ashes will eventually leave your property through natural means.  Dump the ashes out into the wind, making sure not to get any on you.
Now is the time to move on from your spell. Try not to think about it, and do not think about your target. Act as if this person vanished from the face of the planet, or they no longer exist. Be confident in “knowing” that your spell is working, even if it may take a while. If you feel like you might need to burn a second poppet a couple of weeks later, do so. 

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