Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that occurs naturally in places like Brazil, Madagascar, India and even parts of the United States like the Black Hills region. This semiprecious gemstone, in its highest grade, is a beautiful shade of pink. But sometimes it comes in shades of opaque light pink that is almost white as well as light pink with white banding. Not only is this pretty crystal used decoratively and in jewelry-making, it has a variety of metaphysical and spiritual uses. The following guide will outline some of the various ways you can use rose quartz in your spiritual or witchcraft practice.

Healing Spells

Rose quartz is sometimes used in healing spells, especially when the healing is associated with detoxifying oneself. It is also used in healing spells pertaining to emotional and mental wellbeing. According to Witchipedia, rose quartz is good for your complexion. Perhaps that is why there are so many rose quartz beauty tools on the market.

Fertility Spells

Rose quartz is useful in fertility spells, according to many spiritual beliefs. Pregnant women can also carry rose quartz to protect themselves against miscarriage, according to Charms of Light.

Love & Romance Spells

Most commonly, rose quartz is associated with love and romance. That’s not surprising since this stone is ruled by the planet Venus and associated with the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. This is a sensual and romantic stone that resonates with the earth and water elements, making it an ideal stone to use in spells for romantic loyalty, devotion and long-lasting romance.

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