Claims of Satanic sacrifice are surrounding the tragic murder of a Texas woman named Sarah Hopson, who was unfortunately found slain this past Sunday. The 36-year-old woman was reportedly murdered by one man and two accomplices as part of an occult ceremony, but is this true?

Fox News 13 reveals that arresting documents imply an occult element played a role in this horrifying slaying. The details of this case are far too shocking to repeat on this blog, but a 26-year-old man was arrested for killing the 36-year-old Texas woman. That man, Ethan Myers, is accused of killing the woman as part of a Satanic sacrifice.

This isn’t the first time Satanism and the occult have been blamed for horrifying crimes, but seldom is there any merit to the claims that surround stories like these. However, the manner in which this woman was murdered — along with some of the other disturbing circumstances of the case — there might be some truth to the claims against the man who killed Sarah Hopson. Read more about this case here.

We don’t need another Satanic Panic

Stories like these are disturbing because they give the public something to fear that really isn’t as prevalent as they think. Satanic murders and ritual sacrifice slayings are not common. Most homicides are fueled by jealousy and greed — not religious gratification. When the public is encouraged to fear the occult and occult related topics, it only shines a negative light on spiritual people who are far from violent (which is the vast majority of us).

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