How to break up a romantic partnership or marriage

Why would anyone want to break up a marriage or drive a wedge between two lovers? I’ll leave the judgment to anyone who is reading this, because your motives are none of my business. What I do know, is the common sense concept that if witchcraft can bring two people together, then it can surely force them apart as well. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where the latter is something you’re considering, then keep reading.

The Burned Photograph Spell

Take a photo of the couple in question. A photo of them close together is ideal for this, but any will do as long as they’re both in it. Light a candle of your choice. If you follow any type of color correspondences for candle magic, then choose a black, red or white candle. Truth be told, however, the color you use truly doesn’t mean anything unless you want it to.

Take a red ink pen and write on the back of the photograph, your petition. Be sure to write your petition in the present tense. For example, do not write “So-in-so and so-in-so will break up.” Instead, write something specific and in-the-now.

Example: (name) and (name) are separated. They no longer love each other, and no longer feel desire for one another. Their relationship is over, and they have drifted apart.

Flip the photograph over and hold it in your hand with the writing-side facing downward. Hold the center of it over the flame of your candle, allowing it to burn through the center. Be careful not to burn your fingers as you focus on the feeling of knowing that your spell has already been successful. Visualize the couple in question being separated as you burn the photograph in half.

Dispose of each half of the photograph separately, symbolically keeping the couple from reuniting. You may bury one half on one side of your property, and the other on the other side. Alternatively, you can throw the separate halves away in different locations. Symbolically, the more space you put between them, the better.

The Ulterior Motives Love Spell

Even otherwise harmless magic can be used to drive a wedge between two lovers. Just do a love spell to attract another person into their lives, with the intent to capture the romantic attention of one half of the couple in question. This method is especially useful in situations where you want someone to move on from a toxic situation by distracting them, or if you feel that this is the safest way to end said relationship.

You can alter any regular love spell for attracting lovers, and refine it to suit these particular needs. Just cast the spell as if you’re doing it for your intended target to meet a new “object of affection.” With confidence and skill, you may find this to be a successful way to inspire division in a relationship.

The Not-so-house-warming Gift

If you can bless gifts, then you can also curse them. If you’ve come across an opportune time to give such a gift (such as a housewarming event, birthday, anniversary or what-have-you), then this method is a perfectly non-aggressive way to give a little negativity to someone else’s living space.

A decorative gift that will most likely be placed somewhere in the home by the recipients is the best choice for this. Alternatively, jewelry or any other worn items are easy choices. Before giving this gift of your choosing, be sure to “charge” it with any negative intent that you want to fill in the home of the couple you wish to separate. Perhaps you want this object to disrupt the home’s energy and cause division, poor communication and arguments. It’s up to you on how you transmit that energy into the item you wish to gift. The end result should be a “gift” that isn’t really a gift at all.

Some Obvious Disclaimers

Clearly, if you believe in any type of “punishment” or “karma” for your doings, then you won’t want to do any of these things with malicious intent. The above article was written for information purposes only, and the writer is not encouraging anyone to use magic to destroy marriages or separate healthy and happy relationships.

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