It’s September, and you know what that means. Summer is finally ending and the best time of year is here. The weather is cooling and leaves will begin changing colors. Meanwhile, warm drinks and spooky documentaries are waiting to be enjoyed! So what kind of magic should you practice during this special month? Well, this year the September full moon will be in Aries, and that’s information that might be useful.

Patience and gratitude
With the full moon in Aries, you may find yourself growing impatient with specific situations that you’d like to see change. This time of year is a time of harvest, abundance and looking forward to a comfortable cold season. With that said, patience is (of course) a virtue. The hot-blooded nature of Aries conflicts with the cool, patient flow of the full moon. Lots of meditation and self-care is important, this month, leading up to the harvest moon!

Calming tempers
Again, with Aries being in the full moon this month, that hot-bloodedness is going to come to the surface. Cast spells throughout this month which may aid in calming down tempers or preventing major blow-ups. Decorate your home to usher in the season, paying extra attention to colors and scents which may aid in calming one’s temper. Muted, warm fall colors are always better than garish bright colors when it comes to this task.

Encouraging prosperity
Because this is the month of the harvest moon, September is for casting prosperity spells. Work your magic around money matters this month leading up to the full moon. Carry charms that incorporate symbolism of abundance and that are associated with September (including sapphires, forget-me-nots and acorns).

Revisiting family bonds
This is the perfect time of year to relax outdoors in front of a bonfire with the people who mean the most to you. Your magic during this time of year can focus on family matters and strengthening bonds between your loved ones. Throwing magically-charged gatherings is a great way to revisit family (and friendship) bonds during the month of September. That’s especially with the full moon entering Aries. 

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