September’s new moon lands on the 9th this year, and will be in Virgo. So what does that mean for you, as an atheist witch? If you’re someone who pays attention to astrology, then you should be aware that this month’s new moon is all about you. The following article is all about self-care, self-love and selfless selfishness for the autumn-loving witch.

New moon, new you
You certainly don’t have to reinvent yourself every time a new moon comes along, but with September’s new moon in Virgo, now is as good a time as any. If you’ve been thinking of a new hairstyle or change of overall aesthetic, you should definitely go for it — and do so unapologetically. To incorporate a little witchcraft into your self renewal, you can choose to wear colors that are associated with different magical intents, or you can opt for different styles of jewelry which have magical use. Add herbal waters to your hair and skincare routine, or consider daily affirmations (or incantations) to improve your self-esteem.

Work with what you got
With the new moon in Virgo this month, you’re not going to want to bite off more than you can chew. Maybe don’t take on any new, stress-inducing projects, or try not to schedule any big events during these nine days. Instead, choose to focus on what you’ve already got on your plate, and work on knocking off a few things on your growing to-do list. The new moon this month is all about self-analysis, which means it’s a good idea to purge yourself of anything that’s weighing you down. In other words, if you’re bogged down with work: Finish it.

This is also the time to clean your home and prepare for the upcoming harvest moon and any associated rituals. “Work with what you got,” to make that happen, and make use of any of your old spell materials this week before rushing out to get new ones for the upcoming fall holidays.

Cut loose dead growth
In preparation for September’s harvest moon, you may want to trim away any dead growth — both literally and metaphorically. If you’re a gardener, you know this is beneficial to an abundant harvest (and easier one), but in other aspects of our lives, dead growth weighs us down. Maybe a situation, item or even a person is currently proving to outgrow you. The new moon in virgo this month says self-preservation is key, so cutting away that “dead growth,” may be necessary. This is an important step in self care and self love.

Accept love and give love 
Positive love magic is a good way to usher in this month’s new moon. On top of any self love spells you may do, it’s important to consider doing spells that will make you more receptive to loving energies that may come your way. This month’s new moon in Virgo is the opportune time to focus on yourself, what you want and what you can offer. Don’t feel selfish for devoting time to yourself and personal needs in order to be receptive to the love that you desire, because this month’s new moon is all about you.

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