Serial killer Edmund Kemper claimed the lives of 10 women, including his own mother, during the 1960s and 1970s. The 6’9″ slayer of women has been classified as one of the most intelligent murderers alive, with a gentle demeanor and a gift for gab. The psychology of what drove Kemper to kill has been well studied, but what about his astrological influences? The following post will highlight the natal chart of serial killer Edmund Kemper.

Edmund Kemper is a December Sagittarius

Born on December 18, 1948, Ed Kemper is what is known as a 3rd Decan Sagittarius, with his sun sign being in the 27th degree. His sun sign is also placed in the 4th House. What this tells us about Kemper’s sun sign, is that this man was destined to be the center of attention. Furthermore, the 27th degree of Sagittarius is considered to be the Galactic Center. A person born under the sun sign of Sagittarius in the 27th degree, in the 4th House, tends to be intensely focused on matriarchal bonds and issues pertaining to motherhood and women as life-bearers.

What we know for a fact about Edmund Kemper, is that he had extreme “mommy issues.” Most of his hatred toward women, right down to the types of victims he chose, all stemmed from his toxic relationship with his mother. Edmund Kemper has admitted in interviews that his mother was rather abusive toward him, and forced him to sleep in the basement as young as seven-years-old, because she believed he would molest his sister. He has described his mother as an overbearing, hateful woman who drove his father away. Ultimately, after claiming the lives of numerous innocent college coeds, Kemper killed his own mother.

Edmund Kemper’s natal chart

He is a 12th House Leo Moon

Edmund Kemper’s moon sign is 4 Degrees (1st Decan) Leo in the 12th House. Ordinarily 1st Decan Leo Moons yearn for attention and can be extroverted. They’re creative, and thrive on praise from everyone around them. However, being in the 12th House, there is a heavy dose of secrecy and a desire to keep private parts of oneself deeply hidden. People born under a 12th House moon tend to be shy, and they avoid sharing their feelings with others. In a word, this placement denotes a stoic person, who is conflicted by a latent need for attention.

What we know about Kemper is that he is indeed a charming and extroverted person when he needs to be. Even the police officers who arrested him have described him as a likable guy. Indeed, this serial killer lived a conflicted life of someone who enjoyed socializing with police and the public, as well as the private life of a serial slayer of women.

Kemper’s Midheaven reveals his career desires

Edmund Kemper’s MC (Midheaven) placement is in Taurus in the 29th degree. People with this placement tend to seek out careers that are authoritarian in nature, and tend to have stubborn values associated with said career. As most people know, Kemper wanted to be a police officer, and he frequented a bar where police in the area were known to hang out. That is why he was already known among police officers in the area when he was arrested.

His natal Uranus is in Gemini

Ed’s was born under Uranus in Gemini — a placement which indicates incredibly high intelligence. People with this placement tend to be bearers of endless knowledge, with a love of sharing it. Kemper’s IQ has reportedly been tested as high as 145. With average IQs falling between 85 to 115, his numbers illustrate that he is in fact a genius. Not only is Edmund Kemper a tested genius, he was able to outsmart psychologists in the behavioral center he resided in when he was just a teenager. Since his capture and conviction, Ed has spent a lot of time providing his voice to audio textbooks for blind students.


As you can see, some of these key placements in Edmund Kemper’s natal chart seem to warn of a personality that was destined to be notorious. His Galactic Center date-of-birth in the 4th House shaped the foundation of his relationship with his mother, which was strained beyond any rationale. His incredible intelligence, yearning for recognition and secretive nature all created a perfect storm for his activities. Does this mean that anyone else with these placements could go down the same road as this famous serial killer? It’s not unlikely, but Kemper did make his own decisions. And we’re all responsible for the decisions that we make.

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