Sometimes the most confident and seemingly-happy people need a confidence boost — even if you’re a witch. Spells to increase your self-esteem, to improve your confidence or to give you courage can be just as important as protection and healing spells. The following post will outline some spell ideas you can consider in your craft.

Magically charge your ‘secret weapon’
Many women — witchy or otherwise — have that little secret weapon in their wardrobe or their daily routine that gives them a little something extra. It could be a perfume, a certain shade of lipstick or even the way she wears ordinary clothing. Do you have a little something extra that you add to your daily routine? If so, you can incorporate a little magic with it!
Lipstick glamour spell
  • Tube of lipstick in your go-to shade
  • Purple candle
  • Small silk or velvet pouch (just big enough to hold a tube of lipstick)
  • Lodestone
In a dark, quiet room, light your purple candle. Purple — in this spell — symbolizes influence, power and magic energy. Hold the tub of lipstick in your non-dominant hand, and hold the lodestone in your dominant hand (the hand you write with). 
Trace the lodestone over the tube of lipstick as if you were using it as a writing instrument. Symbolically trace the word power across the surface of the lipstick’s container. Visualize yourself drawing in the power and confidence of the owner of a powerful corporation as you trace. From here, you should create your own words of power — if you ever use them in your spells. 
Place the lodestone and the lipstick in the small pouch. Sit it near the candle and leave it until the candle is spend. Anytime you wear this lipstick, think about your initial intent as you apply it.
Facing a difficult situation
Going to court? Need a little courage for a job interview? The following spell is simple and only requires two items: A pen and a strip of paper. The night before you are expected to face whatever situation you’re fearing (whether it be court, a job interview or any other stressful appointment), take out your pen and paper and write the following: My fears are water, and they wash away like rain
Take the strip of paper to a natural source of water. This can be a pond, lake, river, stream — anything, really. Drop the strip of paper into the water and walk away. Go home and go to sleep and rest knowing that you’ve got this.

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