Breaking up is hard, especially if you’re the one being dumped and you still have feelings for the person doing the dumping. It’s perfectly normal — and healthy — to feel hurt, rejected and confused. It’s also totally normal to want to work things out and hope that your former partner has a change of heart. Just as all of these emotions are normal, it’s also normal to feel desperate and to seek out spiritual or magical assistance. That’s why there are so many love spells out there — including spells for getting lost lovers back. Should you cast one of these spells? And if you do, how effective are they?

What do you really want?

Do you really want this person who is no longer with you, or are you fixated on something that you wanted that person to be for you? This may seem like a stupid question when your feelings are fresh from a breakup, but it is a very valid — and incredibly important — you should ask yourself these kinds of things before considering a spell for winning back a lost lover. Are the feelings you have for this person actually love, or are you more afraid of facing the unknown as a single person? You need to know exactly what you want, and be 100% certain of it, in order to cast a spell with any kind of driving intent. That includes being completely honest with yourself — and you can’t really fake that.

What do they want?

Consider this other person’s wants and needs. Do they even want to be in a relationship with you? Are they already in love with an ex? Have they moved on to someone else while showing no interest in reconnecting with you? Do they seem happy without you? These may be some potentially painful questions to face yourself with, not necessarily because of any ethical reasons — but because this all contributes to how effective your spell might be. If you’re trying to win back a lover who has completely lost interest in you and who has no existing feelings of love or desire toward you, how do you expect to win them back? Some people in the witchcraft community believe you can take over someone else’s free will with a spell, but it really seems more logical to think that mutual feelings must already exist to some degree in order for a love spell to work. So, if someone has absolutely zero feelings for you, it’s gonna be awful hard to will those feelings into existence.

Would you be hurting anyone?

If you’re someone who is concerned with ethics, you might want to think really long and hard about the ripple effect a spell might have. In other words, you need to decide on whether or not it’s worth it to cast this kind of spell in the event that it might bring harm to someone else. If your estranged lover is married, and you want to do a spell to win them back, are you prepared to watch a marriage fall apart in order for you to get what you want? Are you prepared to be the cause behind another broken home in the world? While some spiritual types will try to warn you of spiritual consequences, the mundane consequences are actually immediate. If you’re not okay with possibly causing problems for innocent people, then maybe don’t do the spell? If the idea of causing indirect harm to others doesn’t really bother you, though, then have at it.

Would you be hurting yourself?

Consider your peace. If you’re trying to win back a lost lover with witchcraft, then you’re already feeling some sort of desperation. What happens if you’re successful and you win back this estranged love interest? Will you be content with getting them back, or will you be fearful of them walking out on you again at any moment? Will getting this lost lover back into your life give you peace, or will it make you paranoid? Will you feel excited for having cast a successful spell, or will you worry that you’ve messed with someone else’s free will? All of these questions are pretty stressful, right? You wouldn’t have any of that stress if you just left well enough alone, though. If you’re not worried about any of this potential stress, however, you can always do what you want.

Simple Magnet Spell

If you think you’re totally justified in casting a spell to win back a lost lover, then a simple magnet spell is a good place to start. A magnet spell can be used to “attract” anything to you. You can attract money, good health, abundance, happiness, protection — anything your heart desires. If you’re a seasoned witch who’s adept at casting spells, then this basic spell could be a very efficient one — and a great way to revisit easier, basic methods. If you’re new to the craft, then this could be a great way to get some practice — though you might not want to jump right into trying to win back lost lovers with magic if you’re a novice.

What you need

  • Natural magnet — such as lodestone or a rare earth magnet. If all you can find is a regular refrigerator magnet, however, that is totally fine.
  • Pink Salt (about a tsp.)
  • Black salt (about a tasp.)
  • Small container that can hold magnet
  • Pink candle
  • A small item belonging to your lost lover (hair, nails, small piece of jewelry or anything similar in size to the magnet and container that will hold it)
  • A small item belonging to you (similar to the item mentioned above)

Combine the black and pink salts into the container you have chosen, envisioning the two substances as symbolizing you and your lost lover. The Black salt symbolizes the split or the break-up that has put distance between the two of you. The pink salt symbolizes the love and devotion that you want to still exist between you. The act of mixing the two materials together blurs the distance, and disrupts the negative or blocking force that is between you and your lost lover.

Sit the magnet into the salt.

Place the personal items belonging to your lost lover on top of the magnet that is resting in container of salt. Follow this step by placing the item that belongs to you on top of the magnet as well.

Close the container and secure it. An ideal container for this would be a small box for holding trinkets or tarot cards.

Place the candle on top of the closed container. You will need a candleholder or small charger plate underneath the candle to prevent a fire from starting.

Before lighting the candle, clear your mind and then very clearly state your intent. You don’t have to do this out loud. It can be in your mind if you prefer. Once you’ve stated your very clear and specific intent, light the candle.

Take time to meditate on what it is you want. In this case, you’re casting a spell to win back a lover who has left you. Visualize your lover being magnetically drawn back to you while sitting in front of the lit candle. Do this until the candle has either gone out on its own, or until you “feel” that you’re done.

Keep the box somewhere in your home where it won’t be disturbed. If your lover doesn’t return in the time that you wanted, repeat the spell by burning another candle on top of the magnet box.

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