If you’re a witch who observes Wiccan or Pagan holidays, you might be aware of the links between fertility and the Spring Equinox. The fertile symbolism of the season is all around us from the fresh green growth of foliage and grass, to blooming flowers and the reemergence of bees, butterflies and other pollinators. It’s also a time of year common for the births of a wide array of fauna such as baby foxes, otters, bear cubs, deer and many birds. For the rest of us, it’s a time for sowing seeds and working the soil as it becomes fertile and ready for life. All of these reasons make springtime an excellent season for casting fertility and abundance spells.


The Spring Equinox for Wiccans and other pagans is called Ostara, an important springtime holiday that has strong ties to fertility. Ostara the holiday shares its name with the Germanic goddess Ostara, who — in Wicca — is observed as a “maiden” archetype in the trifecta of “maiden, mother, crone.” Eggs and rabbits are long-held symbols for this springtime deity, which are shared (curiously) by the Christian Easter holiday. Eggs and rabbits are both spiritual and religious symbols associated with fertility in multiple cultures, especially the Germanic culture from where Ostara originates. During Ostara, it’s commonplace for spiritual people and witches alike to celebrate in nature or by planting trees and other plants to encourage “fertile” growth. It’s also a time, for some, to cast spells and manifest their own physical fertility in hopes of conceiving children.

Fertility & Abundance Can Mean Many Things

If you’re trying to conceive (get pregnant), then this is the perfect time of year to practice mindful intent, and even cast fertility spells. Of course, do so while keeping in mind that spirituality is no match against proven medical intervention. If you’re not trying to get pregnant, abundance and fertility can definitely mean other things aside from physical pregnancy. Your idea of fertility can refer literally to your garden and the plants you grow and nurture during the spring season, or it can represent your own creativity and motivation for doing things you need to do or want to do. Fertility and abundance can refer to your finances and your home environment as you attract good health and wealth for the upcoming months.

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