The invasion of Ukraine is a despicable, unforgivable act and Vladimir Putin deserves to face justice in the most serious way. The following is an easy twist on a traditional spell that you can do to show support for Ukraine while hexing the fascist responsible for the deaths of innocent people.

What you need

Jar (freezer-safe) with water-tight lid

Plastic toy tank (dollar store army toy sets have these)

Blue Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon

The Spell

Place the plastic tank into the jar, fill the jar with water all the way to the top. You may also add a shot of Russian vodka to the jar (make sure it’s mostly water, though) for a symbolic boost. Secure the jar closed with its lid. Tie one end of the blue ribbon to one end of the yellow ribbon. Wrap the resulting length of ribbon around the jar and secure it with a bow.

The Words

“You reap what you sow.” — Whisper this repeatedly as you fill the jar with water all the way until the bow has been tied.

Freeze Putin

Put the jar in the darkest corner of your freezer — somewhere that isn’t disturbed. Leave it there indefinitely, checking on it periodically to whisper the aforementioned words as you envision justice for the people of Ukraine.


You can cast this very quick, basic spell at any time — but the more of who do it, the more theoretical energy goes to the goal of hexing Putin.

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