Should witches buy their supplies and ingredients for spell-casting — or should we rely on what nature provides to us and our immediate environments? This debate in the witchcraft community is as old as time, but is there really a determined “right” answer to the question?

Natural resources

Relying on your immediate environment for zero-cost supplies and ingredients is definitely a fine option. Nothing beats the feeling of finding the perfect stone or crystal in the wild, and picking wild herbs and plants for your craft is also highly rewarding. Depending on where you live, however, the availability of these materials and supplies will vary greatly. Some of us are fortunate enough to live in rich, fertile regions where a simple 30 minute walk in the woods can end in a bountiful harvest. Some of us, on the other hand, live in more unforgiving environments — where plants and other natural resources aren’t as accessible, or as varied.

When it comes to plants, specifically, you can obviously plant your own. Even without the space of a large yard you can grow herbs and flowers on a sunny windowsill, your front doorstep or an apartment balcony. Countertop hydroponic kits also allow you to grow herbs and other plants all year round. This makes access to botanical witchcraft ingredients accessible to everyone.

Retail therapy for witches

Sometimes a witch just wants to shop. You might have access to a plethora of supplies in your own vicinity — but sometimes you might want to buy yourself something a little unique or special. There could also be situations in which you need more exotic ingredients for whatever spell you might be attempting to cast. Shopping comes in handy in these situations; There’s no denying that.

With absolute honesty, it just feels good to buy something new every now and then. Retail therapy is a thing in mundane life, and while some people have reservations against “commercialism,” it’s totally okay to treat yourself if you’re able to.

Sometimes store bought supplies aren’t purchased out of indulgence. Maybe you need a particular herb for a spell you’re trying to get done rather quickly. In that case, the spice aisle in your local grocery store is definitely an option.

Find a balance

Nobody can tell you what to do at the end of the day — and any choices you make are 100% up to you. If you want to purchase each and every single item for your witchcraft practice, then you’re allowed to do that. If draping yourself in expensive robes from The Pyramid Collection and using items purchased off specialty online boutiques make you feel more connected to your craft, then that’s your prerogative. On the other hand, if you feel more authentic as a witch by relying merely on ground stones, local plants and tools made by your own hands — that is also completely valid.

It’s also totally okay to find a balance between these two “extremes.” Plant a garden of your favorite herbs, and even consider buying live plants and seeds for your favorite exotic plants off trusted websites or other local sources. Take a walk in your neighborhood and consider picking up a stick or two that could be of use in your craft. Check out local botanicas and even your local grocery stores for other items that can be used. Consider checking out thrift stores and yard sales and see if you’re inspired by any of the vintage items that could be used as tools. Meanwhile, don’t beat yourself up if you want to purchase something off Amazon or Etsy that calls to you.

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