Unless you live under a rock, you may have heard that Sephora will soon be selling “starter kits” for witches. And if you’ve heard about this interesting news, you’ve probably either seen a fair share of salt, or you’ve expressed some of your own. So why are so many in the witch community so angry over this latest news? In short, it’s all jealousy and bitterness.

Pinrose, a company known for its goddess and astrology oriented perfume business, is going to start selling witch kits at Sephora, making the world of witchcraft perhaps more easily accessible than it’s ever been. Each kit is expected to contain a full deck of tarot cards, an assortment of crystals, some perfume and a white sage smudging stick. The kit, labeled a “starter kit” for witches, is expected to retail at around $40, which isn’t that bad considering how much stores like Psychic Eye markup their items.

While the news of this latest item at Sephora is being met with excitement by many, a very loud number of witches are rabble rousing at the entire idea of some “business” capitalizing off of witchcraft and selling items at an expensive department store. While perusing various Facebook groups, I had the pleasure (/sarcasm) of seeing some of the off-color comments being made about Sephora and Pinrose, with a variety of reasons being attached to why they’re so angry. The most common reason appeared to be little more than hatred for “big business.”

Little do many of these people know, Pinrose is run by two women who are very much members of the very community of people who are so full of salt right now. They’ve worked together to build a successful business of combining elements of witchcraft with women’s beauty and fragrance, and now they’ve done it again with another fantastic item that will only add to the mainstream acceptance of witchcraft — which, as we all should know, is a very unlike the rest of history.

Furthermore, Sephora is just a retail company that is carrying Pinrose’s products. This is a business arrangement, and as witches we should all be proud that a couple of our own have found success with the craft and their own ambitions. The ladies at Pinrose are doing what many of us wish we could be doing, and that’s why I think there’s so much hatred being cast their way: Jealousy and bitterness.

So, in conclusion I say: Don’t be haters, girls. Salt’s bad for you in such large amounts. 

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