On the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice is just around the corner! The pagan holiday of Litha takes center stage this time of year (June), and is the ideal time to celebrate the season. Litha is also known as the midsummer celebration, but you don’t really have to observe this primarily Wiccan holiday to enjoy this time of year. The June solstice is a wonderful time for bonfire parties during the cooler evening hours, and spending time with people you enjoy the most! The following post will address some of the ways you can add magic to this year’s bonfire season.

Bonfire symbolism
The element of fire is clearly heavily symbolized by a large, roaring bonfire. The display of such a large gathering of flames is a show of force and power, as well as great passion. It is also symbolic of transformation — much like the Phoenix who rises from its own ashes, renewed. Flames are used in magic frequently, and bonfires are used in grand celebrations and rituals where heavy energy is expressed and used.

Materials matter
Depending on the tone of your magical bonfire, the type of wood you burn will make a difference, as will whether or not you choose to add herbs. Of course, geographical location and access to different wood types vary — so a crafty witch makes do with what she has! Research the wood types in your area (that you’re allowed to gather and burn, of course), and determine your needs from what’s available.

What kind of spells can you do over a bonfire? The answer is simple: Any spell you want! Spells involving passion that ordinarily involve fire elements in casting are always easy to perform over a bonfire. Of course, you don’t even have to perform a spell at all. Sometimes just relaxing around a roaring fire with friends on a warm June night is all you need to feel magical.

The month of June is usually a time to cast spells associated with marriage, domestic situations, courage and legal victories. So your summer solstice bonfire could be an event involving any of those focuses. Of course, there are no rules that say you can’t cast a love spell — or even a curse — during a June solstice bonfire.

What are some of your favorite witchy things to do during a summer bonfire? Sound off in the comments!

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