Beltane has just passed — if you celebrate that sort of thing — and now it’s time to prepare for the hottest time of year: Summertime. This time of year brings the opportunity cast a variety of spells to suit your needs — especially if you wish to make use of the element of fire. The following are some ideas you can consider adding to your witchy list of things to do this summer.

Making haste

With the summer season having a strong association with the element of fire, now is the time to cast spells that you want to come to fruition quickly. Road opening spells are excellent during these warmer months, as are employment spells when you need to find work in a pinch. You can also cast any other kind of spell during this time with the added focus of making it happen swiftly. This article on Witchipedia explains more about the fire element.

Passion and vengeance

The heat of the summertime season brings the opportunity to cast powerful love and lust spells. It also provides you an opportunity to cast spells of vengeance. As in the previous section, summertime is associated with the fire element. Invoking the element of fire during love and sex magic adds a level of passion to your spell that intensifies the results. The same can be said about baneful magic that focuses on revenge. Invoking the element of fire during a summertime spell increases the power whether you want to bless or curse.

Money, money, money

Employment and money spells cast during the summertime are beneficial due to all of the symbolism that surrounds the season. The glowing orange sun that heats the earth during this time is associated with gold — a precious metal that has been closely tied to wealth for all of human history. Allow the hot summer sun to touch your spellwork when trying to manifest money or employment. Instead of casting your spells in the moonlight, take advantage of the golden rays of light that add energy to your spellwork.

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