Not everyone who reads tarot cards is a witch, and not every witch reads tarot cards — but if you are a witch who’s into tarot, then you might be interested in incorporating the popular divination tool into your daily witchcraft routine. A lot of readers already do daily card pulls to gain insight into their daily workings, so the following a witchy spin on the old classic.

Pick the best deck

I recommend using a separate deck for daily craft guidance pulls, than the tarot deck you ordinarily use for reading. Pick a deck that you feel drawn to, but also one that has symbolism that you fully understand. There are tarot and oracle decks to fit any theme or aesthetic, so do your research to find one that best suits the use of casting spells. I recommend any deck that you have a hard time reading for divination, but that has strong symbolism that can be applied to spell crafting. For this, I usually use a vintage Aquarian deck that never really connected with me for “reading.” It’s been very useful through the years as a spell crafting tool. Once you’ve picked and decided on the deck you want to use in your witchcraft practice, do what you do to bless or cleanse ritual items, and keep the deck separate from the rest of your tarot decks (if you’re a collector).

One card a day

When you wake up every day (whether you’re a night owl or early worm), make your daily card pull a sort of ritual. Brew a cup of tea, or coffee, and sit somewhere calm and relaxing that is free of outside distractions. Shuffle your deck as you drink your tea or coffee (whichever it is you use to wake up each day). Do not pull your card yet! Just keep shuffling as you “wake-up” and keep your mind as clear and empty as you can. Try not to let your waking mind wander to any troubles or deep thoughts. Instead, try to “zone out” as you shuffle.

When you start to feel more alert and awake for the day, pull your card from the top of the deck.

How to apply your daily card pull

How you choose to apply your daily tarot card pull is entirely up to you. In regards to divination, daily card pulls offer insight on the goings-on for the day to come. A witchy way to alter this popular tarot reader method is to interpret the daily card pull from the perspective of what you should focus on for the day in your witchcraft practice. For example, if your daily card pull is The Fool card (0), you can interpret this as meaning that you need to get back to basics or revisit something from when you first began practicing as a witch. Maybe you should take this day to focus on meditation and working on your visualization skills. Or you can use this day to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. This, in a symbolic sense, gives you the experience of being “brand new” for the day.

Another example could be pulling the 8 of Wands for your daily card pull. You can interpret this as meaning that you might consider adding a “speed up” spell to any of your normal daily spell work. This card could also be telling you to take a day trip to do something that benefits your daily practice. Maybe that little daycation can be at your favorite spiritual shop or someplace where you feel connected to your own personal spirituality.

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