When you’re a witch, one of the most annoying issues can be a lack of other witches in your area. Maybe you live in a rural, sparsely populated area where this sort of spirituality isn’t common — or maybe you’re stuck somewhere in the Bible Belt and you just don’t know the right people. Regardless of where you are currently, there are multiple choices you can choose from to potentially relocate. The following article will highlight some of the witchiest places to live in the United States — ranging from intentional tourist traps to unintentionally ethereal destinations.


Salem, Massachusetts is the most obvious choice, so it’s going to be first on this list to get it out of the way. It’s the home of the notorious Salem Witch Trials of 1692, during which time several women and a couple of men were tried, convicted and executed on accusations that they had practiced witchcraft. It is most likely that none of the accused people in Salem were actually witches, and were merely being targeted for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, Salem has become a sort of American Mecca for witches — and it’s become sort of a tourist trap because of this. In an almost disingenuous way, the town has sort of modeled itself to look like a stereotypical witch’s “Disneyland.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean that none of the witches who currently reside in Salem are “fake” witches. But it does seem like kind of a campy place to live, although a fun place to visit maybe once or twice. Whatever your opinions might be on the touristy vibe of this place, it’s definitely one of the witchiest places in the world to live, and you will definitely meet other witches if you live there or visit.

New Orleans

This is another obvious choice, and it’s also another place that’s heavy on tourism, but there are a lot of witches in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, this is also the home of Louisiana Voodoo, which is a closed practice. If you’re looking to live in a witchy place where you will be accepted and be able to socialize openly, then you might actually find New Orleans to be quite hospitable to your beliefs as long as you’re respectful to the traditional ones that make up part of the culture there. This is a very spiritual place, but there is a difference in how tourists experience things there, versus how residents do.


According to a Pew Research study in 2018, the U.S. city with the highest number of self-identifying “New Age” spiritualists, was Seattle, Washington. Approximately 2% of the population of Seattle identifies as some form of New Age spiritual belief, whether it be Wicca or some other type of religion. This implies that Seattle, Washington may be one of the witchiest places to live in the United States by sheer volume of self identifying spiritual people. That number could increase if more witches move there. Aside from having a high population of spiritual people, Seattle is also the home of Grunge, and a place that is overflowing with artistic expression. It can be an incredibly enjoyable place to live not only as a witch, but as someone who enjoys music, art and alternative living.


You might not have heard of this place if you’re not familiar with the state of Florida — and to be quite fair, there is a lot about Florida that tends to scare people away. However, the unincorporated community of Casadaga is a hotspot of pagan and spiritual activity. This is a little town just north of Deltona, that is populated mostly by psychics, witches and people who are otherwise involved in mainstream and not-so-mainstream spirituality. If you were to live in or near Casadaga, there is no doubt that you would find acceptance among other likeminded people. Casadaga is a totally fascinating place, that really doesn’t get a lot of attention — but that might be how the residents prefer things.

The Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay area is home to Pantheacon, which used to be the largest convention for witches and spiritualists in the country for close to 30 years. While it may not boast high census numbers like Seattle, this area is heavily populated by people who identify as witches or pagans. It’s a huge city, which means you’re going to find people of every spiritual faith, but the fact that this used to be the home of the nation’s largest indoor pagan gathering for three decades should tell you that this is a very witchy place to visit or live.


Sedona, Arizona is another tourist trap, but it is beautiful — and that majestic desert beauty has long-attracted spiritual types. If you’re a witch or other type of spiritual person, you will definitely bump into other like-minded people if you choose to live in Sedona. However, other towns surrounding this beautiful area aren’t as accepting, so if you move there don’t expect every town in Arizona to be okay with witchcraft.

What other towns would you add to this list? Sound off in the comment section with your suggestions.

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