The concept of hexing, cursing or jinxing is a widely discussed (and sometimes shunned) topic in the “witchcraft community.” Most witches will tell you that they absolutely never, ever, ever curse people, and some will shrug and say they have no problem doing it. Whether you believe in cursing others or not, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself and make sure that the negative energies of others don’t come your way. The following article is a set of suggested guidelines for hex-proofing your life.

Cut ties with toxic people
We all know toxic people, and even though some of them are hard to avoid, it’s best to cut them out of our lives for our own well being. Everyone has their own idea of what a toxic person is, but really the best way to tell is through one simple test: Does being around them leave you feeling drained, uneasy, anxious, unhappy or any other negative emotions? If so, they’re toxic. That doesn’t mean all toxic people are knowingly being that way, and it doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily “bad” people either. However, it’s not up to us to determine whether or not other people are well-meaning when they are still causing harm to us, our loved ones and our general environment.

Constantly being around toxic people chips away at our own self-confidence and personal world views. Toxicity can be a very contagious thing! When you surround yourself with negativity, then you tend to become a sort of conductor, and that ultimately leaves you open to any low vibrational energies — which could indeed included curses and hexes from other witches. It might be hard to distance yourself from some harmful people, but the feeling of relief and higher energy that results from doing so will remind you of why you made the right choice!

Raise your own vibes
The happier you are, the better things appear to go. At least, that’s the idea with the law of attraction and many paths of witchcraft. That’s not to say that you’re not allowed to be unhappy at appropriate times or express any other negative feelings when the times call for them. However, the more happiness, warmth and  — dare I say — light you express, the more you will attract in kind. On the surface this sounds like you’re just “being nice to avoid nasty curse-hungry witches,” but that’s not exactly the case.

You see, curses/hexes and other forms of negative spellwork are very low energy compared to love, healing and protection magic. Curses travel at a low vibrational frequency, meaning that those who vibrate at similar (or lower) frequencies are more likely to be severely affected by them. Using that idea, it’s easy to see why it’s important to maintain high energy vibration. If your energy is at a higher vibration than the person(s) hexing you, then it’s going to be pretty hard for their hex to work. This idea explains why justice spells tend to work more effectively than unsolicited malice magic.

There are many ways to increase your own vibrations. I suggest researching the Law of Attraction to get a general idea of it. However, I will suggest not going too overboard on all the “love and light” nonsense. Approach any new age idea with a hefty helping of reasoning and a good grasp on reality.

Cast protection spells…frequently
Some witches will tell you that a good spell only needs to be cast once. Others — myself included — don’t agree with that notion. In some cases, it’s absolutely okay — if not necessary — to cast the same type of spell rather frequently. That’s especially the case when it comes to protection magic. How frequently you do this is entirely up to you, but I tend to cast protection spells at least once a month on myself and my home and family. Sometimes I’ll cast more frequently if I feel it’s necessary.

To revisit the section about raising your own vibes, casting frequent protection spells is a good way to do so. Protection magic is a positive form of spell work that indeed inspires higher energy and chiller vibes. That’s especially true if you’re casting that loving protection over others and not just yourself.

Another thing:
It’s also a good idea to change your view on how curses work and what they are. So many people have the idea that any kind of curse can just take over their lives, regardless of whether they know the caster or any other set of variables. Many people believe many different things, but it’s important to note that if all curses worked, this world would be quite messier than it is.

I believe the most important key in curse-proofing yourself lies in self-assessment. I simply don’t believe that anyone can curse me. I just don’t. I’m self accountable for everything in my life, and anything that happens to me is usually by chance or due to my own poor decisions. I believe that I do more than enough positive spell work to avoid low-vibrational witches who might try to hex me — and that belief has seemed to work out just fine.

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