Can astrology help you find missing people or solve murders? While it’s impossible to answer that question with a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ there is such a thing that exists as a tool for exploring the possibilities. Forensic astrology is the use of astrology for solving crimes. Forensic astrology differs from your run-of-the-mill horoscope, in that it examines various placements, houses and heavenly bodies to determine a predictive path. This gives astrologers the ability to guess on what may have happened to a missing or murdered person, using tools that detectives don’t ordinarily use.

Casting a forensic chart

Doing an astrological chart for an incident — such as a murder or other event, is done in the same way as any ordinary natal chart. You record the date, time and place of said event in the same manner that you’d record a person’s birth details to cast a chart for them individually. For example, if an unidentified woman is found murdered on September 13, 2019, at 3:50 a.m., you will record the event as such.

It is really just that simple!

Interpreting a forensic chart

This is far more complicated than simply creating the event’s chart in the first place, and a little more complex than interpreting a simple natal chart. If you’ve cast for an event, you want to look at the ascendant — or rising — sign. The rising sign on an event chart pertaining to a crime symbolizes the victim or the missing person. The planet that rules this rising sign (or victim) is also relevant in that it gives more details about the missing person or victim.

Look at the planet that rules the ascendant. Depending on the house and any associated transits, the ruling planet will determine details of the crime that may or may not be immediately evident. That means the details revealed could be completely unknown, or they can confirm what you or investigators already know.

The opposite of the ascendant is the descendant — and that particular sign will presumably tell you more about any perpetrator in a crime, or who may be to blame in a tragic event such as a kidnapping. Again, you want to look at the ruling planet of this particular sign, and any placement or transit information. Using your already-existent knowledge of astrology, this should come relatively easy with some practice.

Study to perfect your technique

There are quiet a few astrology sources online to help you fine-tune your ability to cast and interpret charts. There are even some books on forensic astrology that can help you enrich your chart-interpreting abilities. One such book is Forensics by the Stars, written by B.D. Salerno. This books gives you a look at how astrology can describe various criminal events.

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