People tend to turn to witchcraft to solve problems that every day solutions won’t fix. When those problems involve children — whether your own or not — is witchcraft still an option? The following article will address the topic of children in regards to witchcraft and casting spells, and will hopefully give you insight on how to address some of the most sensitive situations that life can throw at you.

Bullying and schoolyard issues

If your child is being bullied, then obviously the first thing you should do is contact your child’s school as well as the parents of the presumed bully. If the issue can be resolved this way, then clearly you don’t need to turn to witchcraft as a means to handle it. However, if your child’s situation isn’t remedied, then there are indeed measures a witchy parent can take to protect their child. This article addresses magic to deal with bullying, and also encourages the use of “mundane” options before turning to witchcraft for this issue. There is a pretty good reason why you may want to refrain from using your craft to “protect” your child from bullying, and that’s the obvious risk of backfiring — or even something tragic happening to another child, even if that child is a bully. Morals may vary from witch to witch, but I’d like to think that none of us wants to actually harm a child.

Nightmares, trauma and behavioral issues

If your child suffers from issues associated with trauma, or has frequent nightmares or behavioral issues, you could indeed use witchcraft to help you. Dream sachets are useful and passive, meaning there is little chance of them backfiring. There are also different types of crystals that some believe promote serenity and calm, such as amethyst and crystal quartz. When it comes to past trauma and behavioral issues, obviously counseling is an ideal first choice — but blessings and protection spells along the way won’t hurt anything.

If your child’s been harmed by an adult

If your child has been victimized by an adult, there is nothing wrong with seeking justice — and sometimes you’ve gotta turn to witchcraft to get things done. Justice spells exist all over the internet and are found in pretty much every commercial spell book on the market. An example spell could be this one, which was designed to protect children who are endangered by parents or other adults.

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