Whether you’re new to witchcraft or someone with years of practice under your belt, being resourceful and creative is a fundamental part of growing into your craft. One way you can do this is to make use of materials and ingredients that you don’t commonly see featured in spells and rituals. Herbs, flowers, pretty crystals and candles are aesthetic and popular spell tools, but what about literally anything else? The following article will outline some “weird” ingredients and items you could incorporate in your own spells.

Tears, Saliva and ‘Other’ fluids

You have probably already heard of people using menstrual blood in rituals and spells, but you can also use saliva, tears and other bodily fluids as well. For example, if you’ve spent any amount of time on TikTok, you might be familiar with the trend of young woman dabbing (known as “vabbing”) their vaginal secretions on their wrists. Regardless of any personal opinions one might have toward “vabbing,” science seems to support the results. There are pheromones in our sweat and secretions, and those pheromones are the most strong around the time of ovulation. Similarly, there are pheromones in saliva — so don’t be afraid to spit during a spell if it suits your intent.

On the other hand, tears contain chemicals that create the absolute opposite effect as your sexual secretions, saliva and sweat. According to Nature.Com, female human tears contain a chemical that signals a decrease in sexual arousal in males. With that information, one could surmise that tears would be counterproductive in any type of love or passionate romance spells. Use that information however you see fit.

Cigarette Ashes and Other Ashtray Bits

If you’re a cigarette or marijuana smoker, you probably have access to an ashtray with butts/roaches and ashes. While you can constantly clean and dispose of this waste (which is good), you can also save some aside for use in various spells. Ashes serve as an incredible spell ingredient for a multitude of uses, and those uses vary depending on what material burned to make the ashes. For example, the ashes of sandalwood incense can be used for love and attraction spells. However, cigarette ashes — since so many nasty chemicals go into making cigarettes — can be used for baneful magic. On the other hand, marijuana ashes could be used in spells for calming your household or soothing feelings of anger and discord.

As a side note: if you’re a marijuana smoker who likes to roll up blunts, you can sit aside the unused tobacco for spell work as well.

Dust Bunnies, Filth and Grime

Don’t act like you’ve never seen it in your own home. Nobody’s perfect. Next time you feel the need to “put someone in a jar,” so-to-speak, you should consider adding some of your household funk (or your target’s household funk) to the jar. It’s nasty, it’s definitely ugly and it’s pretty heavy on symbolism if you think about it. And honestly, it’s no worse than urinating in the jar, like so many other spells require.

Get creative!

What other “unconventional” materials can benefit your witchcraft practice? Get creative and practice being more observant to the tools and items that are within your reach. What materials in your yard and home double as daily items and spell tools? What other ingredients can be used in spell jars and pouches? Sound off with your own ideas in the comments below!

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