Even though Donald Trump is a twice-impeached, one-term president who lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, he’s still not gone. Just this past week CNN reported that the disgraced former President is close to 100% sure that he will run for President again in 2024, challenging Joe Biden. In a perfect world one could say that there is nothing to worry about, and that there is no way the majority of the country could be so foolish as to vote for him again. However, January 6th proved that a staggering number of Americans are willing to keep him in the White House as long as he wants to be there. That is why the magical resistance is far from over — and we are not done hexing Donald Trump.

We can’t stop yet

Even if there aren’t any mass spells planned at this time, individually we can all contribute to the magical resistance against the conservative party and Donald Trump. Even the smallest spell can be helpful in adding the ongoing energy against him. You can print out a photo of him, and then tear it into shreds and throw it into the trash. Focus on keeping him from Washington, or whatever your end goal might be. This takes just minutes of your time and can be absolutely effective. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can simply write his name down (Donald J. Trump) on a sheet of toilet paper. When it’s time to do your business — well, you know what to do.

From now until 2024, it’s highly likely that the nation’s worst president — and domestic terrorist leader — can resurface and try to waddle his way back into the White House. Let’s continue to resist.

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