If you spend any time at all in Pagan or witchcraft groups on social media, you’ve probably seen a slew of questions about the spiritual meanings behind every-day mundane occurrences. The ever-popular question of What does it mean? peppers seemingly every other post about seeing feathers, spiders, flowers or any other thing you might find in your home or outdoors on any given day. When you’re new to the craft, it’s understandably easy to attempt seeing the spiritual in everything mundane. To some people, everything mundane is also spiritual. Logically, however, that’s just not the case.

Birds and feathers? Outside of all places? You must be some kind of shaman!

If you picked up on the sarcasm in the subheading, then you’re among those who understand that not everything is a spiritual experience. If you take a stroll outside during most seasons, you’re bound to see a bird or two — maybe even a flock! And guess what: Birds drop feathers all the time. It’s kinda what they do. They’re birds.

The same thing can be said about people who believe they are being haunted by number sequences. If you look up at your clock enough times, you’re bound to see repetition in number sequences eventually.

All sarcasm aside, a spiritual connection with animals and the symbolism associated with them isn’t wrong by any means — nor am I saying that there are no spiritual experiences associated with these animal connections. You can very well have a “totem animal” or have a spiritual connection to some form of animal symbolism if it is part of your belief structure or religious experience. However, it’s entirely too easy for some people to “go off the deep end,” while seeking the spiritual in every waking mundane moment of their lives.

Is it mundane or is it spiritual?

If you feel like you’re seeing a lot of a certain animal — for example: spiders — then how do you know if it’s spiritual or not? Instead of immediately falling on the dreaded What does it mean? trope, you can apply a little logical thought to the whole thing. Is it a time of year when spiders may be more likely to come indoors? Have you recently cleaned or moved any items around your home? Have you rearranged your furniture or dug through items in a closet? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve probably just stirred up a roommate you didn’t realize you’ve had, which is absolutely normal.

However, if you’ve recently meditated or cast an intentional spell on yourself to connect with an animal or any such symbolism, the story may be different. Perhaps in your meditation you deliberately asked for a sign to show a connection to a particular item, animal or symbol. If that is the case, and then you do begin seeing what you perceive as little signs, then by all means take that as a spiritual win!

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