This month’s full moon is important for two reasons: It’s the first of three super moons of 2020, and it’s the worm moon. The following post will highlight some of the things you can do on this astrological significant day — which is in less than a week.

Water elemental magic

On March 9, the sun will be in Pisces — a water sign. Furthermore, the moon (which already heavily represents water), will only be intensified by it’s full and “super” status. On this day the moon will enter Virgo, an earth sign, which is compatible with water. If you’re really into astrology, it may be useful to know that Mercury goes direct on this day.

Go big

Spellwork or other witchy workings are always enhanced by a full moon. With the moon being full and at the closest point to Earth it can be (making it a super moon), anything you work on is greatly enhanced. If there’s something you want to do that needs a lot of energy behind it to be successful, then March 9th might be the day for you to give it a try.

Thawing and sowing

Since this will be a worm moon, it will be a good day to work on “preparing the groundwork” for any kind of magical practice. Maybe you need to thaw the heart of someone who isn’t being very nice, or maybe you might want to begin charging or blessing items for prosperity work. The worm moon symbolizes the time when the frozen ground thaws, and it becomes ready for working for the growing season. It’s a time of preparation for the fruitfulness to come.

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