Whether you’re already a practicing witch, or you’re turning to spiritual answers while on a fertility journey, you might find yourself wondering if witchcraft could help you with trying to conceive. The answer isn’t necessarily a yes or a no, but hopefully the following information could help you decide if turning to spirituality is the right choice for you.

It’s common for couples to turn to religion when having a hard time conceiving, which is why you’ll often see discussion of prayer and Christianity in fertility and TTC (trying to conceive) forums. Some women even turn to the help of so-called fertility psychics and shell out their hard-earned money for readings. Of course, the results of these spiritual fertility experts come with mixed reviews. It’s understandable that this is a desperate time for some couples who are willing to do anything and pay anything for a chance to conceive on their own, but the spiritual world (both Christian and not) is rife with scams and people looking to turn a quick buck off your emotions. Predatory people hide behind smiles and promises, and they know how to exploit our weaknesses — especially when that weakness is something that you want so very much.

Instead of trusting your money and energy to a stranger that might not have your best interests at heart, consider becoming more involved in spirituality for your own personal enrichment. This isn’t to say that you should definitely begin dabbling in witchcraft and other “occult” ideas, but you should explore what your beliefs and values are, and what your own personal spiritual needs might be. For some people this could be getting back in touch with their Christian upbringing or whatever their family faith might be. It could also mean exploring alternative spiritual philosophies — witchcraft and manifestation included. In fact, you may find that many TTC (trying to conceive) bloggers and influencers mention the Law of Attraction and manifesting while talking about their own fertility journeys.

What does this have to do with atheists with no belief in spiritual entities? Anything you want to take from it, to be honest. If you don’t believe in deities — and you probably don’t if you’re a reader of this blog — your spiritual needs will obviously be different from those who do, especially if you’re feeling drawn to using witchcraft to help you conceive. As an atheist witch you’re more than aware that some spiritual activities have proven benefits in the mundane world. This is no different when it comes to dealing with some fertility issues. For example, meditation not only helps you focus your intent in spell-casting, but it’s also proven to help you relax. When trying to conceive, meditation and relaxation helps inhibit the body’s production of cortisol. This, in turn, relaxes the body and makes it easier to conceive. That’s why doctors recommend meditation during TTC and during pregnancy. While meditation itself isn’t witchcraft, it’s certainly an important spiritual tool used by witches that requires no religious faith whatsoever.

Do fertility spells work?

Whether or not you’re an atheist witch, you might be curious about whether or not fertility spells work. As I said a few paragraphs ago, I don’t recommend spending money on spells because you can never be sure of a person’s integrity (or lack thereof). That doesn’t mean spells don’t necessarily work, however. Witchcraft can mean many different things to individual people, so the idea of a spell’s success will also be an individualized experience. If you’re wondering if there’s a magical ritual and some hocus pocus words that will render you instantly pregnant, then you’ll be disappointed to learn that there isn’t. However, it’s possible to cast your own spells and rituals while manifesting what you want. You’ve just also got to be willing to do the work, whatever that may be according to your own personal situation.

Fertility spells may work if you’re casting healing and blessing spells which relax you and act as cathartic moments of release. Much like meditation, casting spells can melt away your stress and make it easier for you to conceive — especially if you’re someone who is prone to stress.

Some spiritual sources say that fertility spells aren’t for beginner witches, but there are certainly small things you can do to cast your own fertility spell, even without any experience with practicing witchcraft. With a little study and research, it’s definitely possible. Whether or not it works depends on your intent and what it is you’re wanting to get out of the fertility spell.

Fertility spells work depending on how you view spells. Every witch has different beliefs regarding how spells even work. While some witches believe that spells work by paranormal action, others believe that the mere act of casting the spell works as a placebo of sorts. So yes, fertility spells can work if you’re confident and knowledgable in what you’re doing to cast the spell.

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