The Covid-19 virus is sweeping across the planet right now in a pandemic that has practically blindsided humanity. Like with most disastrous situations, religious people are being encouraged to pray to put a stop to the corona virus. Likewise, the witchcraft community is following suit, and there are many spells circulating in hopes of fighting off this sickness. I hate to be that person, but it should go without saying that neither prayer or witchcraft will stop Covid-19.

Use common sense and listen to alerts

The public is being urged to avoid large groups, and many cities are practically deserted while people remain in their homes. The few people who are disregarding public warning are not taking this global pandemic seriously, and will most likely either become infected with the Covid-19 virus, or will become carriers — infecting unknown numbers of people. This is incredibly reckless, and could very well lead to a disaster that surpasses the body-count in Italy. Use common sense! If you want to be an effective element in stopping the spread of Covid-19, stay in your home for the next month, and then play things by ear.

Avoid the hospital — unless it’s a legitimate emergency

As cases of the corona virus increase, hospitals are going to potentially become overcrowded — as has been observed in Italy. If you’re not feeling well, and believe that you are showing symptoms of this virus, then the smart thing to do is to isolate yourself immediately. Put yourself in quarantine away from others and remain calm. Contact your doctor for instructions just in case your symptoms are life-threatening. Rushing out to the hospital during this pandemic could do more harm than good. You run the risk of infecting many other people, or you put yourself at risk of becoming infected. The overcrowding also puts stress on medical professionals, who are already under enough stress as it is.

Witchcraft is backup

Witchcraft and prayer can be cathartic when facing tragedy or disaster — and the rapid spread of this potentially fatal illness counts as one of those situations. However, neither witchcraft or prayer are useful in combating a novel virus that has killed thousands of people worldwide. Participating in group spells designed to halt, cure or protect-against the Covid-19 virus isn’t going to hurt anything, but it likely won’t help unless you’re doing so to relieve stress and ease your own mind.

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