If you’re a witch in search of a new place to call home, you might want to steer clear of Thornton, Colorado. A recent article published on Out There Colorado shared the results of a study that concluded that the little city in Adams County is the worst place in the United States for witches to live.

According to Out There Colorado, the study was conducted by LawnLove, which found that Thornton lacked access to supplies or shops for people who practice witchcraft. Demographical data of the area implies that only about 30% of the population of Thornton identify with any religion, but among that 30% the vast majority are Christian. Furthermore, a search of the Thornton Chamber of Commerce reveals that the only spiritual and religious resources available in the area are Christian churches.

While this information lands Thornton, Colorado on the list of worst places for witches to live, this could also present itself as an opportunity. Since there are no occult or metaphysical shops in this little city, an enterprising witch could find the lack of competition lucrative.

What do you think? Could Thornton truly be the worst town in America for witches to live, or could it simply just be a place in need of a little spiritual TLC and business planning?

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