Whether you’re a baby witch or a seasoned pro, working with herbs in your craft is rewarding and fun. Herbs serve all kinds of purposes in the mundane world as well as in witchcraft, from teas and sachets to incense blends. The following article will highlight some of the best witchy herbs for ritual teas.

Jasmine blossoms

These highly aromatic flowers are delicious in homemade herbal tea blends. Their floral, sweet scent lends to a very adult flavor, and is uplifting as far as aromatherapy goes. Healthline declares that jasmine tea is good for heart health as well as brain function, which is a good mundane reason to incorporate it into your tea rotation. When it comes to witchcraft, jasmine packs a powerful punch in love and sex magic. It corresponds with feminine magic, the moon and the element of water.


Ginger tea is often used as a diuretic, and is also a go-to for stress relief and boosting the immune system. In witchcraft, ginger lends its fiery nature to speeding up spells that you want to complete in a timely manner. It also adds passion to spells, whether it be for love or other emotional responses. When you taste a piece of raw ginger root, you can taste the fire, which is why that is the element that represents it. It’s also a rather masculine herb, so consider that when casting a spell or drinking a ceremonial tea that uses it.


Cilantro is more than just a culinary addition to our favorite Latin dishes. As a healing herb it’s ideal for soothing constipation and preventing indigestion. It also reportedly has toxin-flushing properties, but more studies are needed to actually prove that. In witchcraft, cilantro (also known as coriander) is another herb that represents the element of fire. It helps in speeding up time-sensitive spiritual work and adds passion and flair. Cilantro is also a protective herb in magical castings.

Wild pansy

Wild pansy (or Viola Tricolor) is a sweet, feminine and fragrant little flower that is a beautiful addition to any tea blend. Medicinally, wild pansy is said to help a variety of skin ailments such as acne, impetigo and eczema. When used in witchcraft, this pretty little herbaceous flower is best used in love spells. This flower is much like a forget-me-not in its ability to make people think about you, so serve it in a tea to your crush or wear it as a perfume or other cosmetic adornment.

French Sorrel

This acidic-flavored herb is often used in culinary dishes that are heavy on the fat and cheese, but it also has some interesting uses in witchcraft. This herb is best used in healing spells or protection magic that focuses on health and warding off sickness. It’s also believed to attract luck when the dried leaves are carried in one’s pocket or purse.

Learn more about magical herbs and flowers

There are thousands of herbs you can use in tea for ritual purposes — far more than can fit in a mere blog post. Check out some of the many guides available to gain knowledge on some of the other options.

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