Being a witch doesn’t have to be about casting complicated spells all the time. Sometimes you can incorporate witchcraft in to your daily beauty and hair-care routines. Experimenting with herbal beauty gives you that option, while introducing you to herbal magic — which expands your witchcraft horizons. The following list of witchy herbs are excellent choices for stepping up your hair game and incorporating a touch of magic into your every day routine.

Hibiscus is popular in teas and mixed drinks for its tangy, somewhat-fruity taste profile. The scent it carries is also potent and reminiscent of that unique flavor. Hibiscus contains vitamin C, various amino acids and other compounds which make it useful in a variety of applications. It’s believed to promote hair growth, which is why a tea made of this fragrant blossom could be beneficial to your routine.

Steep a handful of dried hibiscus petals in 2 cups of hot water until the water is cooled to room temperature. Strain the mixture and rinse your hair with the resulting liquid. I created my own tea out of hibiscus blossoms and added it to a spray bottle (making sure to use preservative since any formula containing water promotes bacterial growth). After using the mixture for approximately one week I have noticed that my hair doesn’t get as oily as usual and it does appear thicker. This could be due to the idea that hibiscus expands hair follicles — which does indeed create the look of thicker hair.

Magically speaking, hibiscus is often used in spells regarding love and sex. So maybe vamping up your hair routine with this fragrant flower might have multiple benefits, if you know what I mean.

Marshmallow Root
Boiling marshmallow root causes a slime-like substance to separate from the plant matter, which mixes into water. This slime-like material is a compound of mucilages, which are what makes this plant absolutely useful for home hair care. When you make a hair rinse from marshmallow root, the compounds act together as a natural hair detangler. Marshmallow root also softens and helps moisturize dry skin and hair.

In witchcraft, marshmallow root offers itself to a variety of uses. It can be burned in a ritual incense for protection and cleansing, or added to sachets for fertility and love spells.

Lavender is believed to have deep-conditioning properties as well as a soothing and cooling effect to the skin. In hair care it prevents your scalp from being over-stripped of its natural oils, and it provides shine to your hair.

In witchcraft, lavender is another multi-use herb that finds itself in love spells, meditation rituals and cleansing rituals.

Greater Burdock
This herb contains amino acids, vitamin A and other compounds which are believed to slow down hair loss and possibly stimulate faster hair growth. It also reduces inflammation and adds strength and shine to your hair.

In casting spells, greater burdock is primarily used in feminine protection magic. With the right intent this herb can magically charge you with the confidence of a strong and undefeatable woman — with amazing hair to go with it.

It’s popular in the perfume industry for a reason: It smells amazing. Vetiver is more than just an amazingly aromatic root, however. In hair care it’s believed to promote hair growth, strengthen the hair’s shaft and improve the overall look and health of your hair. It also produces a cooling sensation on the scalp. This gives it a calming effect as you rinse away the day’s stress from your hair!

In witchcraft, vetiver is a potent herb used to attract money and to also protect criminal enterprises (interestingly enough). On the flipside, this herb is also used to ward off thieves and protect honest enterprises from falling victim to scams and bottomfeeders.

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