March marks the end of winter, as the weather starts to change a bit and temperatures start to ever-so-slightly rise. It’s a time when the sun is both in the signs of Pisces and Aries, transitioning from the emotional and reflective winter, to a more fiery and proactive time of year. The following post will highlight some of the witchy things you can do in the month of March — whether you’re a beginner witch, or a seasoned pro.

Charge, wear or use the appropriate crystals

If you’re interested in crystal or gemstone magic, the month of March is symbolized by a small variety. Gemstones for March include bloodstone and aquamarine.

Start your garden (if that’s what you’re into)

If you enjoy gardening, the month of March (depending on your USDA hardiness zone), is a wonderful time to start some of your plants. You can make this a witchy ritual by chanting incantations, or prepping your soil in a magical manner.

Celebrate Ostara

The Pagan holiday Ostara takes place around March 20th, and is a time for celebrating fertility and the coming of spring. It’s also a time of honoring wild game like the hare. The lamb and the lion are also important symbols during Ostara, which is kind of a throwback to Christianity’s earliest roots.

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