Springtime means a certain egg-centric holiday is right around the corner. Whether your family participates in the Easter tradition of coloring eggs and hiding them, or you prefer more traditional pagan activities, the egg is a powerful symbol. There are many witchy ways you can use eggs, from casting spells to nourishing your plants.

Cascarilla Powder

Grinding your egg shells into a fine powder provides you with a powerful ingredient for casting banishing and protection spells. Traditionally, the eggs you use should come from a black hen — but who really has the luxury of being picky these days? To learn everything you need to know about cascarilla powder — and how to use it in your witchcraft practice — read this thorough article on Witchipedia.

Festive Venus Glass

A springtime spin on the traditional Venus Glass adds a little oomph to your practice during this time of year. Instead of using a plain egg, as you would use for this divination method, you can choose egg dyes or natural materials to color the egg first. Choose a color that corresponds with the reason for doing the “egg cleanse.” For example the color blue is associated with astral projection, calmness and home-related matters. If you trust in traditional Venus glass divination and you want to know if some kind of negativity is being directed at your household, dye your egg blue prior to cracking it into a glass. If you want to determine whether or not someone or something is sending negative, baneful energy directly at you, then dye your egg as close to black as you can before cracking it. If you want to find out if a romantic partner has been unfaithful, dye the egg red or pink and write your partner’s name on the egg prior to cracking it in the glass.

Kitchen witchery, of course

If your family colors eggs for Easter — or whatever you personally choose to call the holiday — then you’re probably gonna be left with a lot of boiled eggs. That means you’re obviously going to be preparing them in various dishes like egg salad, potato salad and pretty much anything you can mix with boiled egg. Since you’re already using the eggs, why not work your kitchen witch skills into it? Charge the leftover boiled eggs with your intent before peeling them and adding them to whatever dish you’re preparing. This is a simple little bit of magic, but you might find it to be highly useful. Culinary spells that use egg could be for protection, health and even abundance and growth. Use the symbolism of eggs to guide you to whatever decision you make.

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