The spring equinox of 2022 is in just under a month — on March 20th — and the weather is just starting to change a little for some of us. This change from the bitter cold winter season to springtime holds a deep symbolic meaning for many witches. Even atheist witches enjoy solstices and equinoxes for a multitude of reasons. If you want to get a head start on this year’s spring equinox, the following tips may be helpful.

Put on your green witch hat

Refer to this post, where I encourage everyone to dive into green witchery for the year 2022. With just under a month before the spring equinox, now is as good a time as any to start some seeds indoors. Take the next couple of weeks to plan out your ideal witchy garden — whether it be in a small patio area, or a vast front lawn or backyard. Figure out what plant hardiness zone you reside in, to better choose which plants will thrive around your property.

Nurture your plants while they sprout over the next couple of weeks, and pour your intent into them — whatever that may be. You may even choose to whisper affirmations as you care for your seedlings on a daily basis leading up to the equinox. Choose this time to form a spiritual connection with your future garden.

Early spring cleaning

Who says you have to wait until the first day of spring to do a deep clean-out of your living space? Traditionally, the fourth Sunday in March is National Cleaning Week, and begins a week of what we all collectively call “spring cleaning,” but why not start a little early so you can enjoy the earliest days of spring on your own terms? While everyone is participating in the week-long frenzy to clean their homes, you can be kicking your feet up and enjoying your favorite tea or cocktail, or you can lounge around in your garden enjoying the changing weather.

Take the next couple of weeks clearing out the things that are cluttering your home. Do one or two “deep cleaning” tasks a day leading up to the equinox. By the time the big day arrives, you can focus your time on doing something actually enjoyable and fulfilling.

Choose a big spell!

Even if you’re one of us witches that don’t cast spells all the time, it’s still fun to cast a big, intricate spell from time to time. The spring equinox is a good day to cast spells for fertility, renewal, rejuvenation and abundance. There’s no reason to cast negative spells on this type of day — unless you really, really wanted to, of course. Figure out what kind of spell you’d like to cast on the day of the spring equinox, and use the next couple of weeks to prepare for this spell. For example, if you want to cast an overall rejuvenation and abundance spell to bless your home for the next year ahead, you can take the next few weeks gathering materials that vibe with you. Spend each day picking on ingredient or material that symbolizes abundance and renewal to you. Add the items to your altar. While you prepare for this equinox spell, write down your thoughts. Write down the incantation you want to recite, using the next couple of weeks to come up with something original and from the heart, as opposed to looking up someone else’s spell. On the day of the equinox, bring the fruits of your preparation together and cast your spell!

How are you getting ready?

How are you preparing for the 2022 spring equinox? Sound off in the comments with your ideas and plans.

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