The recent overturning of Roe v Wade has left an ugly mark on the U.S., and has put countless women and children at risk. The magical resistance is needed now more than ever, as women’s reproductive rights and our personal liberties are under full blown attack. Many witches are hexing the SCOTUS judges who ruled to take away our rights, but there are other spells we can do to stand in unity against patriarchal and religious tyranny. The following green candle spell serves as a spiritual beacon for unity against oppression. Cast this spell if you wish to protect anyone impacted by the loss of their abortion rights.

What you need:

Green candle


The Spell:

Obtain a green candle. Green has become the color of the abortion rights movement, and in this spell it’s important to choose the appropriate color. Any shade of green will do as long as it is a green candle. Place the candle on a fire-safe dish in a safe non flammable area.

Choose the first night of the full moon. Any full moon during any month is fine for this spell. Prepare your altar or spellcasting area as you would for any other spell, including casting any kind of protection spells you cast prior to other spellwork.

Light the candle on the first night of the full moon. While lighting it recite the following:

“I send peace and healing to all those who need it, and roadblocks to those who want to take it away. May this candle light our paths to bodily freedom, and blind those who stand in the way.”

Allow the candle to burn until it is spent, repeating every night until the first night of the following new moon phase. Beginning the spell on the first night of the full moon and ending it on the first night of the new moon, symbolizes the pushing away of energies as you direct your intent outward.

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