The world is full of witchcraft-friendly neighborhoods and towns, but when it comes to the U.S., it’s a real gamble. If you’re a practicing witch and you’re looking for a new place to live, you might want to avoid some of the following towns.

Rossville, Illinois

For being just a stone’s throw from a big city, the small town of Rossville, Illinois is no place to live if you openly practice witchcraft. This place is so intolerant of the craft, that the townspeople made media headlines for thow unwelcome they made Wiccans felt. The place does have a small Wiccan population, but they’ve been at constant battle with the Christian town who has even held meetings to discuss “driving out the witches” more than once over the years.

(almost) Anywhere in Arizona

Arizona is like the Alabama of the Southwest in that it is full of incredibly religious people; People who are so religious that zealotry is the norm. While larger cities like Mesa and Phoenix might be okay, the majority of the smaller towns are heavily Christian with disdain toward non-Christian people. Arizona even had its own witch trial less than a century ago — far more recent than any other witch trial in the U.S.

Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Mount Juliet is home to notorious pastor Greg Locke, who went viral when he led a scathing sermon threatening witches in his area. While there might be a small population of Wiccans or other types of witchcraft practitioners in the area, they’re clearly not welcome by the religious population and the pastor they follow.

Other towns

Any small town in the bible belt is probably a bad choice if you openly practice witchcraft. Small, isolated towns in the Northeastern part of the U.S. are also questionable. Do your research on any town before you move to make sure they’re witch-friendly.

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