Alice Huntley was one of several people accused of witchcraft between the years 1480 and 1515 in England, with quite a bit of well-documented evidence against her. She was accused of burying items associated with witchcraft around her property, as well as “images” of sorcery. Her accuser, a chaplain named John Knyght, declared that she was using witchcraft to attack the king and the church. Documents do not state what happened to Alice after her arrest, but it should be noted that her accuser was arrested not long after she was. 

Genealogy of Alice Huntley

Alice Huntley was married to John Huntley. They had two natural sons named George Huntley and Henry William Huntley. George sired a son named John, and Henry William sired no known children. When researching to see if you’re a descendant of Alice Huntley, the following surnames may be of interest: Carne, Foster, Abrahall and — of course — Huntley. 


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