Pride Month is here! Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, or merely an ally, there are numerous witchcraft-related things you can do to participate over the next 30 days. The following list of ideas can help you incorporate your witchcraft practice with the energy offered by this very important month of awareness.

Buy supplies with a purpose

Support an LGBTQ-owned shop for your witchcraft supplies this month. You can search for LGBTQ businesses on Google, which allows business-owners to tag their businesses as woman-owned, black-owned and also LGBTQ-owned. You can also check Etsy for small LGBTQ-owned businesses that create and sell a variety of items you could use in your craft. You might also consider making the change to one of these LGBTQ-friendly vendors on a more permanent basis, instead of simply during Pride Month. After all, LGBTQ people exist the other 11 months in the year as well.

Cast protection spells for the community

LGBTQ people are frequent targets of hate crimes, which are on the rise here in the United States. With Pride Month officially here, the community deserves safety and protection while we celebrate and uplift our voices. Consider casting spells to protect the LGBTQ community from bigotry and injustice during this Pride Month. You can also use the time to cast activism-centered spells, and spells that bind bigoted powers from oppressing the rights of our community.

Follow LGBTQ creators in the witchcraft community

Consider giving a follow to LGBTQ content creators during Pride Month — and keep following them, because they’re amazing all year long.

Do The Magical Thing: Follow Lee, a non-binary witch, if you like captivating and well-produced content by one of the world’s nicest human beings.

Bree NicGarran and all her books, as well as the Hex Positive Podcast: Bree is a demisexual witch whose work is well known and respected in the community. Her book Grovedaughter Witchery is reason enough to give Bree a permanent follow. Notable mention: Bihexual History is a recurring guest on Bree NicGarran’s podcast and is an openly bisexual witch with one helluva sense of humor.

Gay WitchTok is a space all its own on TikTok, and it’s totally worth checking out and following some of the numerous creators who are a part of the community. Some notable creators popular on Gay WitchTok include theflawless_witch_lantii and witchofsouthernlight.

Happy Pride Month!

Whether you’re LGBTQ or a straight ally, the next 30 days can be a spiritually and magically fulfilling time. You can choose to use this time to cast spells of protection, love and acceptance over the community, spend money at LGBTQ owned shops and spend your time viewing the content of numerous creators. If you have any other suggestions for witchy things you can do during Pride Month, feel free to sound off in the comment section below!

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